Dipsticks, Dip Tapes and Calibration Charts

Fuel Measurement for above and underground tanks containing: oil, diesel, petrol and other liquids.

Precise, reliable and cost-effective calibration and measurement of rectangular, vertical and horizontal cylindrical tanks


GRP rods calibrated to your tank so as to provide quick, accurate and cost-effective liquid volume readings

Dip Tapes

Dip tapes in a variety of materials that can be used to determine the depth of liquid in any number of different tanks

Calibration Charts

Calibration charts are a tabular record of tank volume so that liquid depth measurements can be converted into volume.

Solutions to your tank measurement needs

Dipsticks for new tank installations

Using the manufacturer's dimensions, we produce a calibrated dip rod which is highly accurate and easy to use yet robust enough for the most demanding of environments.

Replacement dipsticks for existing tanks

If you have lost or broken your dipstick we can manufacture a new one for your storage tank, even if it is underground and you don't know the dimensions of the tank.

Calibration charts for tank gauges

Modern gauges require calibrating to the tank they're being fitted to before they can give volume readings. Our calibration charts enable the gauges to be setup correctly.

Strapping tables for use with dip tapes

By using one of our Calibration Charts together with a dip tape accurate volume measurements can be achieved, what's more, one dip tape can be used for multiple tanks.


We supply our products in whatever units you require whether that's millimeters and litres or inches and gallons or any combination thereof. We can also convert an existing dipstick to another unit.

Customised Products

Whatever your individual requirements are, we can provide them. If you have multiple dipsticks and want them clearly marked with your details and references, no problem.

Accurate, Reliable and Cost Effective Wet Stock Management

Do you need to know the volume of liquid in your storage tank?

With Dipsticks Engineering you will get over 35 years of specialist experience in the calibration and manufacture of dipsticks and calibration charts for storage tanks. Whether you are a tank manufacturer, a garage forecourt supplier or rely on storage tanks for the running of your business or home, we can provide you with high precision volume measurement at low cost

You may be conducting a large tank installation project or run a service station, either way, we can provide you with a dipstick for the largest, underground industrial tank to a recycled oil drum and everything in between.

With such a long involvement in the industry we have built up a vast database of tanks. The result being that there's a good chance we already know your tank details, even if you don't!

Unlike other manufacturers, our volumetric calculations take in to account real-world tank design and manufacture so you can be confident that whether your tank has dished ends, is on a tilt or is something more exotic, the volume measurements you take from our dipsticks will be highly accurate.

dipstick for steel heating oil tank
dipstick for horizontal cylindrical storage tank
Horizontal Cylindrical
dipstick for vertical cylindrical storage tank
Vertical Cylindrical
dipstick for heating oil storage tank
Home Heating Oil Tanks
dipstick for oil drum
Oil Drums
A Demonstration Of How We Make Our Dipsticks


  • Petrol
  • Diesel (DERV)
  • Heating Oil
  • Gas Oil
  • and more!

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