About Dipsticks Engineering

We have been supplying storage tank calibration solutions for over 30 years!

What Makes Us Different?

Real World Accuracy!

A quick search of the Internet will reveal numerous programs which claim to compute the volume of storage tanks and whilst they are correct for theoretical models of storage tanks none of them take in to account real world scenarios which affect the volume of the tanks such as:

  • Dished Ends have a Knuckle Radius so that they can be attached to the cylindrical portion of the tank
  • Tanks are fitted with a Striker Plate to prevent the dipstick wearing out the bottom of the tank after repeated dippings
  • Tanks are often tilted to separate any particulate matter from the point of siphoning

We account for all of these factors and more! The result being that you can have absolute confidence in the accuracy of your readings

Our Approach

We have been calibrating storage tank volumes and manufacturing dipsticks for over 35 years and over that time we have built up a vast reserve of expertise and data. Indeed if you have an existing tank there is a very good chance we already hold the records for it.

Whether your tank is Horizontal Cylindrical with Dished Ends, Vertical with Dished Base, Rectangular or even Elliptical we have the technical know-how and experience to be able to provide you with a solution

We take pride in the accuracy of our dipsticks and strapping tables so you can be confident in the reliability of your volume measurements thus enabling you to better manage your wetstock.

Whilst many volume calculators will provide results for a 'perfect' cylinder with dished ends our calculations take in to account the requirements of manufacturing and using the tank such as the Knuckle Radius of the dished end, the addition of a Striker Plate and the requirement to place the tank on a tilt.

Our products are designed to work in demanding environments with little or no maintenance. They are easy to use and durable so that you can rely on them to provide you with consistent volume readings

If, at any point, you need additional information or would benefit from our expertise then feel free to contact you and we will offer our support

Do you need to have total confidence in the measurement of the liquid in your storage tank?

With Dipsticks Engineering you will get over 35 years of specialist experience in the calibration and manufacture of dipsticks and strapping tables for storage tanks. Whether you are a storage tank manufacturer, a supplier or rely on storage tanks for the running you business or home, we can provide you with high precision volume measurement at low cost.

You may be in the transport and logistics industry or run a garage forecourt, either way, we can provide you with a dipstick for the largest, underground industrial tank to a recycled oil drum and everything in between.

With such a long involvement in the industry we have built up a vast database of tanks. The result being that there's a good chance we already know your tank details, even if you don't!

Unlike other manufacturers, our volumetric calculations take in to account real-world tank design and manufacture so you can be confident that whether your tank has dished ends, is on a tilt or is something even more exotic, the volume measurements you take from our dipsticks will be highly accurate

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