Strapping Tables / Calibration Charts

These provide quick conversion of liquid depth in to volume for a storage tank


Our Strapping Tables are constructed using the exact same calculations as for our dipsticks but the computed volumes at various heights are displayed in a table for quick reference.

As with the dipsticks, the table can be presented in metric or imperial units, using customer specified intervals.

Tables are offered in both a tough and durable hard copy version and a digital version which can be uploaded to multiple devices and accessed from a mobile device at the tank location.


  • Increments: As per user requirements; such as 10mm / 1 inch intervals
  • Units: Can be calibrated in Litres, Gallons, US Gallons and Cubic Metres
  • Format: Durable paper copy and digital version.
  • Suitable For: Use with a Dip Tape to convert height readings in to a volume and to calibrate a tank gauge.
  • Customisable: We can add any details you require to the strapping table, such as: tank reference, telephone number etc.
Use with a Dip Tape or uncalibrated dipstick to give volume readings
Calibration of other tank gauging systems such as gauges
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