Taking a Rubbing of An Existing Dipstick

If you don't know the dimensions of your tank but have an old, even broken, dipstick then we can use a rubbing of that to manufacture a shiny new replacement one.

We can even convert a gallons dipstick in to litres or correct a dipstick that is giving false measurements.

  • Wearing gloves, assemble the dipsticks you want rubbings of in a safe area and examine them for damage. If damage is evident then take care when handling them. Dry the dipsticks with the cloth and lay them side by side so that they can be examined to see if any are identical (all lines need to line up, not just equal volumes).

    If there are identical dipsticks then only one rubbing need be taken with a note on the rubbing saying that you require multiple dipsticks from this one rubbing.

  • The rubbing is done in the manner of taking a brass rubbing of a coin or plaque. Tape the paper strip at the base of the dipstick, pull the strip along the length of the dipstick and with a light pull, stretch the paper and tape it to the top of the dipstick. Using the pencil, rub over the paper where the lines and numbers are.

  • If you can't make out the details then we won't be able to!

    If the details that we require are not clearly visible on the rubbing then use the pencil to mark the line or write out the number on the paper.

  • On the upper, blank part of the rubbing write down the overall length of the dipstick you require and, if you want it shown on the dipstick, the tank reference and type of fuel it contains.

  • Once you've taken the rubbing, fold it up so that it fits in a standard envelope and then post it, together with your name and contact details to our workshop, the address of which can be found below and on the Contact page

What you will need:

Lint free cloth
Strip of paper the length of the dipstick (till roll is ideal)

What needs to be visible:

The base of the dipstick
All the lines
The first and last few sets of numbers
The full volume number

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